Layur 006 - Infinity Scarf | Noesa

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Weaved by Mrs. Rosvita Sensiana, Maumere, East Nusa Tenggara.

Ikat Pattern 
Seseweor is the name of a type of local magpie that is considered to be mystical in the local traditional community, believing that whenever it mysteriously appears, flies over a village and whistles, something important will happen within the next two or three days. Usually, it is a good event, such as a visit from an honorary guest; head of the clan or a family member that has been away for a long time. 

Textiles with the seseweor bird motif are used as everyday clothing.

192 x 32 cm

Because all pieces are hand-cut, sewn, and dyed please expect variations in each garment.

  • Rub gently with a clean, damp cloth or sponge
  • Use cold water and mild soap
  • Do not immerse in water
  • Rub gently with a clean, dry cloth or sponge
  • Do not clean with water, soap, solvent or stain removers
  • Polish leather with an approved leather cream

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