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Noesa is a studio that creates with Indonesian traditional art. Currently, we twirl and tie traditional motifs and colors from Sikka, Maumere, a small town in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara.

Tenun Ikat | Noesa
Natural Dye | Noesa

From it, we curate segments from the traditional patterns and present them in new color combinations, creating products that will spice up your unique look. We’ve created functional fashion products for your daily wear.

Art, Culture, Nature.

Our three main design cores. Our products are colored with plant extracts, designed to minimize waste and use sustainable materials. We highlight culture, share local wisdom and making it a part of your story.

Heritage | Noesa


Eager to familiarize ikat Flores, our studio is open to engage events related to traditional arts. We hope to share our products, while also create and preserve the narrative of Indonesian traditional textiles.

Handmade | Noesa


All of our product is hand-crafted by local artisan. This is one of our weaver hand. Her name is Maria Goreti. We learned Ikat and Natural dye process from her. Weaving is her main job from now on.

Natural Dye | Noesa

Natural Dye

From Indigofera tinctoria to turmeric, all of our main ingredients we applied for coloring are came straight from nature. We do research together with the artisans for months, so our products are so colorful. Don't worry, our natural color won't easily fade.

Less Waste | Noesa

Less Waste

We strive to learn not just about nature, but from nature as well. We want to make friends with nature, while at the same time respecting it as our teacher. We make textile waste into something beautiful. We minimize waste by using recycle material when sending your goods.

Watubo Weaving Community | Noesa

We proudly work with local Indonesian artisans, upholding social responsibility with fair remuneration.

We love Indonesia and we want to share this love to you.

Brand Promise | Noesa