Noesa is a studio that creates with Indonesian traditional art. Currently, we twirl and tie traditional motifs and colors from ikat Sikka, Maumere, a small town in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. From it, we curate segments from the traditional patterns and present them in new color combinations, creating products that will spice up your unique look. We have created functional fashion products for your daily wear. 


Our three main design cores. Our products are colored with plant extracts, designed to minimize waste and use sustainable materials. We highlight culture, share local wisdom and making it a part of your story.

We proudly work with local Indonesian artisans, upholding social responsibility with fair remuneration. By purchasing Noesa products, you will be wearing high-quality sustainable fashion, directly supporting the development and continuation of the cultural legacy.

Eager to familiarize ikat Flores, our studio is open to engage events related to traditional arts. We hope to share our products, while also create and preserve the narrative of Indonesian traditional textiles.

Cendy Mirnaz & Annisa Hendrato | Noesa

In 2012, we traveled to Flores and were captivated by the colors of Watublapi Village. Following 2014, we found Noesa wanting to wear the ikat that we fell in love with. 

“For me, Noesa is like breathing. The drive and work came to us naturally without realizing it most of the time. This feels like the very essence of life itself.” - Cendy

Seeing the little use of tenun ikat amongst our generation and understanding the nature of heavy-looking material, Noesa design products that are practical, functional, and suitable for the modern youth. Our first product was Sangkut, the camera strap. To date, it is still our best-selling product. 

“To me, it’s a language. Perhaps it’s the knowledge of the products, that is a sense of truth.” - Nisa. 

Founded by 2, Noesa now consist of 7 people collaborating The Watubo weaving community in Maumere, Flores. Our original creative team is still in full force leading and designing from our humble studio in Pasar Santa, Jakarta.