Orinila translates to ‘indigo house’ from the Sikka-Maumere language. Nila means indigo leaves, and orin means house. Located in Watublapi village in Maumere, Flores,  East Nusa Tenggara, the house was built by members of Watubo, using bamboo that grew near the village. 

Orinila was built for you to unwind in the village, meet new people and explore unforgettable experiences.

Orinila Workshop Package

If you are curious about the process of tenun ikat and natural dyed textile, you can join the Orinila ikat weaving workshop. Watubo artisans will share their knowledge and teach you on how to make an ikat scarf from scratch, allowing you to experience an ancient tradition. 

Workshops consist of 1 to 7 days. Or should you plan to learn and explore more extensively, we can customize a program just for you.

Ha - One Day Workshop
This workshop is an introduction to Maumere’s natural dye technique
by using locally planted ingredients; indigo, turmeric and morinda roots. Take joy in exploring the earthy color under the guidance of Watubo artisans.

Ha Package includes one night stay at Orinila, transportation from and to Frans Seda Airport, Maumere, meals, snacks, coffee and tea. 

Tilu - Three Days Workshop
Staying a little longer in Maumere, this three-day workshop will walk you through the overall process of creating tenun ikat. Starting with a short introduction on ikat technique, natural dyeing, upto weaving technique.

Tilu Package includes two nights stay at Orinila, all workshop materials, transportation from and to Frans Seda Airport, Maumere, meals and more.

Walu - Seven Days Workshop
Challenged to understand the whole process of tenun ikat? This seven-day workshop will help you comprehend every single process in making an ikat scarf. Watubo artisans will teach and guide you on how to make an ikat scarf from zero.


In between the activities, one or two days excursions can be organized. The day usually begins early in the morning to catch the sunrise in Kelimutu Lake-the three craters filled with different color acid, continuing to the white-sand-blue-water Kokka Beach. Another option is spending a day at the serene Pangabatang and Babi Island.