Modern Twist of Indonesian Traditional Arts and Crafts

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We love Indonesia and we want to share this love with you

We make and curate high-quality sustainable products, directly supporting the development and continuation of the cultural legacy. Colored with plant extracts, designed to minimize waste and use sustainable materials that will spice up your look.

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Explore Indonesian Handicrafts

Tenun Ikat, Batik, Anyaman

Art, Nature, Culture. Our three main design cores. We designed the products to minimize waste and use sustainable materials. We highlight culture, share local wisdom and making it a part of your story.  

Handmade Products

Made by Local Artisans

We proudly work with local Indonesian artisans, upholding social responsibility with fair remuneration.

Eager to familiarize Indonesian arts and crafts, Noesa is open to engage events related to traditional arts. We hope to share our products, while also create and preserve the narrative of Indonesian traditional arts and crafts.

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