Watubo is a community of ikat weavers in Watublapi village, just on the outskirts of Maumere, in Sikka regency, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. The collective consists of 26 ikat weaving artisans, who aspire to conserve the local art and culture, also increasing the prosperity of their communities. The community also work with respect and care for the environment.

Watubo - Tenun Ikat Artisans | Noesa

To this day, the artisans in Maumere continue to use the techniques and tools passed down to them through generations, alongside the colors, patterns, and symbols. According to the traditional community, traditional textile motifs belongs to the Iwangete Clan and Sikka Krowe Clan. Textile from ikat weaving is not only used for clothing but also a part of the life cycle—representing ethnicity, tradition, religion, as well as a symbol of status, wealth, authority, and honor. 

Over the years many traditional motifs, including names, techniques, meanings, as well as the functions of the textiles are slowly forgotten. Maintaining the narrative and continuation of the products in an effort to preserve and provide understanding about the tradition, and to illustrate an important and unique aspect of Indonesia’s cultural heritage.