In socializing the tradition, we are open to organizing classes. Workshops are customized by request which consists of coloring and weaving, combined with material and tutor. Please contact us through email for more information.  


This was our very first event and workshop which was held in the Textile Museum, 2014. Pole Kale originally means textile dyeing in the Sikka language. In this workshop, participants learned how to dye with indigo, morinda, turmeric, and mordanting the textile.


Plewo Doi in Sikka language means self-introduction. This exhibition aims to introduce and appreciate the preservation of local culture, especially through the process of pattern making with ‘Ikat’ and natural dyes. The event also aimed to create a gathering space for cultural observers, art appreciators, and humanists to support Indonesia’s art and culture preservation.

Event Collaboration with Rujak Center of Urban Studies

With Rujak Center for Urban Studies, we managed a bamboo workshop with Takayuki Shimizu (Japan), held on 20 August 2015, in Alun-Alun Indonesia.


Taken from a local Maumere greeting which means ‘come here!’, Mai-mai was a Noesa event inviting people to come up close and personal with representatives of Watubo community, see the process, and also participate in an open discussion on traditional culture and travel. 

The event was held and collaborated with Tuang Coffee at 22-24 Februari 2019. Maimai! We invited people to sit and chat about the role of traditional Indonesian textiles in local cultures, specifically in Sikka, uncovering stories through travel, and a workshop on brand storytelling.